Leeds Care Record

Data shared with who and why?

Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust/Primary Care such as your GP/Leeds Mental Health/Leeds Social Care. It is designed to be a local one stop shop shared record for direct care to enable health professionals to provide better care by seeing all your information together in one place.

What is shared?

Problems, Medication, Allergies, Appointments, Test Results, Communications, Discharges, Demographics.

How is the data shared?

Held on a secure computer system and records remain confidential. All existing data protection laws apply. Only accessed by people directly involved in your care. This is role based access by Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust/Primary Care/Leeds Mental Health/Leeds Social Care.

How is consent given?

GP Practices Opt in to Leeds Care Record. Patients can opt out via Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust (by phone on 0113 206 4102, by email “[email protected]”, or by letter to “Access to Health Records, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, St James University Hospital, Lincoln Wing/Chancellor Wing Link Corridor, Beckett Street, Leeds, LS9 7TF”).

How do I get more information?

Go to Leeds Care Record Website.