Order a prescription

There are a number of ways to order your medication.

How to order your repeat prescription


You can order your prescription online using the accurx banner on the welcome page or by clicking this link https://florey.accurx.com/p/B86003 and detailing your prescription request the GP will review your request and reply within 48 hours.

You can also request online services via reception. They will send you your log in details and a password then you can request your prescription via patient access

Login to online services

In person

You can do this by returning the right-hand half of a previous prescription for the required medications, or by submitting a handwritten request.

Requests for repeat prescriptions are made if possible using the attached slips, either posted into the red prescribing box in the health centre main reception foyer (ground floor) or the red box on the counter in the surgery. The box is emptied on a regular basis by the reception staff.

Requests can also be made via the chemists, at the reception desk with the slip provided or the right hand side of your prescription or online at [email protected]. The full name of the medication, dosage and quantity is required.

By Post

You can post your prescription slip or written request to us at the practice. You can include a stamped addressed envelope for return by post if you will not be able to pick up your prescription from the surgery.

Electronic prescribing

Instead of issuing a green hand signed paper prescription, the doctor can now send the prescription electronically to your chosen pharmacist.

This means you don’t have to come back to the surgery to pick up the prescription, but you can go straight to the pharmacist and pick up your medicine.

This works even better if you request the medicine online as it means you can miss out on two trips to the practice.

You can nominate your pharmacy:

  • Visiting your regular pharmacy and signing up for electronic prescribing.
  • Ask the receptionist at the practice to register your chosen pharmacy.
  • You can also change your nominated pharmacy through the online portal under the medication section and then click on ‘change pharmacy’. However you cannot make the initial nomination online.

Find out more about electronic prescribing

Medication reviews

The doctors at the practice regularly review the medication you are taking. They will sometimes call you in for a medication review and this may involve blood tests. It is very important that you attend these appointments, as it keeps you safe whilst taking medication.

Please allow 48 hours for your prescription to be processed. This allows the doctor to review the medication and return to reception.

Requests for prescriptions outside the normal prescription protocol impacts significantly on both doctor and administration staff time. If you ask for an urgent repeat prescription, you will need to give the reason for your request.

The majority of hospital prescription are non urgent and will also be processed through the normal prescription process. Many medications can safely be missed for a few days. We will not issue urgent prescriptions for items that can be bough over the counter or for non-essential medication.

If you medication cannot be missed, the item will be issued as required.

Dr G A Lees

On behalf of all the Partners


Non-urgent advice:

Whichever method you use for ordering a repeat prescription, it takes 48 hours to process. If you need it sooner then please tell reception so they can alert the doctor