Extended opening hours

Extended access service

We recognise that sometimes it is not easy to see us during working hours.

The aim of the service is to offer a greater range of appointments for routine problems. The types of problems that can be seen by the extended access service are similar to those that can be pre-booked during normal working hours.

There are a limited number of GP, Nurse, Health Care Assistant and Phlebotomy appointments available.

From the 1st October the Practice will no longer be open on a Saturday morning. Provision is now available at the HUB below.

Extended access venue

We are now offering extended access appointments from the Armley LS12 HUB, located at Priory View Medical Centre. Appointments are available from 8am until 5pm on a Saturday. Sunday is closed. You will need to contact NHS111 for medical advice.

Extended access booking

If you would like to make an appointment please dial 0113 4677499 and you will be diverted to the HUB (Only in HUB hours SATURDAY BETWEEN 8AM AND 5PM

If you would like to make a ROUTINE appointment for the HUB on Saturdays please contact the surgery on 0113 4677499.

If your call falls outside surgery and HUB hours and you feel you need to be seen urgently, please contact NHS111.